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It was Time for a Change…


Wait! It’s not PURPLE! So how can it be my blog?

I got very tired of the ribbons in my last WP theme covering my gravatar and anything else they pleased. The default font was wonky and made my sidebar look like pulled taffy.

I saw custom design and name your own domain packages, thought about site hosting, and looked at most of the fonts on type kit. Am I going to start a stand-alone eCommerce extravaganza to sell Nik’s photos and my junk? Do I want to spend hours messing with CSS and shopping carts and lay-out strategies? Am I going to waste money buying into the custom design “make all your own fancy fonts” thing?

No. Yawn. Next…

I’m more interested in saving money for a new travel adventure. Wanna go on another trip.  Or 2. Or more! Rome was just the beginning…

Have new doggeh to love on, too. Disa, the beautiful Finnish Lapphund who has blessed our lives!

I know the day is looming nearer when I’ll have to get all serious about my online sales again. Nik needs business experience and exposure for his art. I need to sell the vintage junk, uh, lovelies overflowing my house. Creativity must occur. Creativity must occur.



AHHKKK!                       PZZZTTTT….

That was the sound of my brain shorting out.

We sprang forward today. There’s one less hour in the day and it’s almost gone…

So in the interest of time and abating a bit of my frustration, there’s a new theme. Pretty paisley, unadorned by any tweaks, headers or customizations.

And I still missed the end of the day. It’s tomorrow already…

Here are some more pics of Disa… Enjoy!

It’s been a rough few months….


What does that mean? you might ask.  Changes.  Hard choices. And, well, more abuse to my body.

After the euphoria of the election wore off, it was down to business as usual in my household.  For me that means homeschooling, work, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my parents and my hubby.  Going to physical therapy 3 hours a week (now it’s been over 18 months…)

There are good changes.

DD got into law school for environmental law.  And got a full tuition paid scholarship to the very expensive private school in New York.

Hurray!!  Is this not the greatest field for the new Obama world???

She’s not as worried about paying for it now and can concentrate on accumulating $ for living expenses.  Her new hobby will is also a new source of income – recycled yarn. By unraveling nice sweaters she gets at thrift shops, she gets really great fibers for very little $.  She’s enjoying rehabilitating the yarn & learning to over-dye it. Find it in her etsy store, Candycornstudios.

DS1 is graduating from college in May with skills –

employable even in this economy.  Yay!!

The Kat is in college! Really!!

Husband has a good, completely recession-proof job.  Really. And today’s our 15th Anniversary!!

Wonderboy turned 13 (Ack!! Teenager!!)  and has grown about a foot.  Still ravenous about learning. A joy & a pain.

Some not so good changes.

I ended up in the hospital the week before Christmas with chest pains. Not a heart attack. Just stress; my blood pressure went up. Hubby and I talked; figured this was a sign I was under too much stress. Probably needed to slow down more. The only thing that could go is my work. So that means closing my practice.

After Christmas,  with much encouragement from hubby, therapists, PT, I decided to close at the end of June when my lease is up. This is an extremely difficult decision.  I love my work; I’m very good at it. There are a lot of people who are very upset.  On the other hand, most have been very supportive.

To make matters worse, mid-January I fell down

and gave myself a honking concussion.

I tripped over my black dog in a dark room.  I didn’t know a head could hit a hard-wood floor so hard.  I did miss the corner of our oak TV cabinet.  My 2nd thought (after OH MY GOD have I cracked my head open or caused a bleed in my brain) was “Crap! Just what I need. More brain damage!”. I didn’t realize until a couple days later that I’d also hurt my left arm and my bad hip too. Damn! Because that leg wasn’t working as well, a few days later I miss-stepped on the stairs. Fell down hard on, you guessed it!, my bad hip. Then I went dooowwwnnn the steps.  Wrenched my right arm from grabbing the banister.

Damn! More abuse to my body.

Hmmm… Closing my practice is looking better and better. Brain not working like it used to.  Sad.

Mom isn’t doing so well. Dad is even more stressed. Needs more help; slowly figuring that out for himself.

Hubby is exhausted because he’s working too hard. Watches TV a lot.  No time for real relationship. Sad. 😦

This is a depressing blog entry huh?

But wait! There’s actually more GOOD news!

I’ve left OLA. They proved to be a dud.  I spent a year trying to make it work for me.  Didn’t.  Sad.

The good part?  I found a great site; one that is the fastest growing eCommerce site ever – Bonanzle!

Now have 3 stores (“booths”) to divide up my inventory into more managable sizes. They are also more focused – Dragonmum’s Vintage Valuables for my vintage jewelry and collectibles new & old. Dragonmum’s Wears for clothes, accessories and fabric products (linens etc). Dragonmum’s Fabrics Fibers and Fun for toys, yarn, fabric,  craft materials and vintage craft/sewing/quilting etc magazines and patterns. Got computer things that don’t really fit into those categories;  they’ll probably end up in the “Fun” category….

Here are some examples of my inventory.  Most is the same as I had on OLA but I have more great things…. especially jewelry!!

On Vintage Valuables:

A Beau Sterling Modernist Cat Pin, Enamel crab pin, Emmons Silver-tone horse pin and a gorgeous enamel blue bird pin by William Spear.

A 1979 Jasco Adorabelle, Funny Shopping Lady Planter, Pale yellow moonglow beads and my 9 luscious skeins of vintage Red heart wool yarn!

On Fabrics Fibers and Fun:

Black & Gold German Satin Fabric, 4 skeins Plymouth yarns “Fantasy Naturale”, back issues of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine  and an Elmo stuffed toy.

6 balls of Lana Grossa Brillo yarn, 3 skeins green Berocco Cotton 100 yarn,  “The Painted Desert” by Hoffman Fabics and a stuffed horse from Douglas the Cuddle Toy Company.

On Dragonmum’s Wears:

New Sapphire formal gown by Alex Evenings, Ralph Lauren black leather shoulder bag, Frankie & Johnnie Rodeo Drive Purse and Pottery Barn Baby crib bumper pads.

Come on by and take a look – Bonanzle Rocks. Really!!