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All Your Allergies are Belong to Me!


Some things in my life are just WRONG.

My newest wrong things:

Risking my life to go grocery shopping. Risking my life to eat in a restaurant. Risking my life to eat.

These are in addition to a few other major wrongs already in place:

Risking my life if I every need medication for severe pain. Having allergies to almost all drugs in several major therapeutic classifications. Being desperately allergic to two of the main components of my Korean friends & Won-Buddhist priests’ diet.  Never knowing from one day to the next if I will be able to function due to uncertainty of energy  and pain levels. Being so responsive to changes in weather I’d have been burned at the stake as a weather witch in less enlightened times. Paying for increased activity or hill climbing with yet more pain.

 I want to whine…

However, in an attempt to keep things in perspective, I want to go through positive ways I’ve been able to deal with my older issues…   (my ex-therapist would be SO proud)

I, of course, will continue to deal with all this wrongness, and even figure out how to turn even my current frustrations into something helpful for someone. Plus, I have a lovely sister-in-law whose food allergies are much, much worse than mine, so I have a great appreciation of how much worse things could be…

My physical therapist Joe   has taught me an enormous amount about controlling my pain levels. I no longer work,  which gives me much more flexibility to not leave the house on certain days if all the lows converge. My house angel, Lorraine, comes in 2-3 days a week to do the basic housework I simply can’t do, thus allowing us to have a clean kitchen, clean clothes, clean sheets and clean bathrooms!  I stopped selling on-line because I was overwhelmed with stuff and time obligations.

Changing my diet over the last year has allowed me to lose almost 60 pounds and increase my general energy level. Lorraine has helped me get rid of a huge amount of accumulated “stuff” and has organized a lot of what I’m keeping. My fabric room is functional and we can actually allow people to sleep in one spare bedroom. Much of my parent’s boxes have been unpacked and sorted, so plenty of room has been opened up in the garage.  We adopted a smaller dog so I can walk her without causing myself significant pain. ( wonderful beautiful Disa is another story).

My biggest challenge over the last year was planning and getting into shape for my European vacation.  I did it. Spent 5 weeks in Italy and Paris with a 15 yo boy, my Nik… and totally survived.

Decided to put my foot down and buy an artificial Christmas tree , so I could spend my limited energy making ornaments   & decorations.   All my kids were home over the holidays and we had lots of fun.

Hey! Those are significant positives!

I don’t feel like whining nearly as much. So I won’t. I’ll just tell the story of my new wrongnesses – which, unfortunately, seem to have resulted from my positivenesses!

Early in July,  I decided to go gluten free, in addition to other changes I’d made in my diet earlier in the year, which included giving up red meat. Nuri has Celiac Disease; odds are I have some sort of related gene. Within 2 weeks, I noticed my brain was clearer & I was remembering things I’d had problems with most of my life (names, mostly). Yay! Goodness!!

BUT I also started having reactions associated with grocery stores –  Costco and Whole Foods. If I spent much time in the bakery section, I’d start to itch.  One day, I spent a bunch of time looking at the wine, which is in the bakery section of Costco for some reason that evades me… I started itching. It starts at the tip of my nose, moves to my ears, eyes – and this day, by the time I was finished shopping, my feet itched. Now, I’m familiar with this reaction –  it happens when I’m around rodent urine proteins or cooking seaweed. (yeah, more  “interesting” allergies). Noooo!  Wrongness!

A little detective work, a little time – I’m allergic to wheat & gluten. Allergic. That’s not celiac disease. That’s “eat it and my tongue swells, my throat closes & swallowing &  breathing become problems” allergic.  Also pecans. Why Pecans, for heaven’s sake?  Diphenhydramine is my friend.

I’ve become so sensitive to even cross-contamination, my tongue starts burning with the first bite. Lovely.

I noticed it was MUCH easier to eat in Italy and France without having a reaction to something. Even though Nik and I ate out almost every day, I only had reactions a couple of times – and that was when I didn’t ask specifically about things being gluten free (teach me to make assumptions).  I figured it was because things were prepared fresher and on a more individual basis. Ham & chicken were OK for me, as was any type of fish. I didn’t think about a much more important factor in European food until I started to have reactions to meat when I returned home.

Meat. Damn. I don’t eat that much meat, anyway. It was nice, though, to be able to eat some of my mother-in-law’s roast or turkey when we go to visit – it makes her happy! More experimentation. Not able to eat meat from American grain-fed mammals. No farm-raised fish. No grain fed chicken. Eggs only from vegetarian free-range chickens fed organic  non-GMO feed. Hmmm… A few other weirdnesses popped up, but all lead me to the same conclusion…

It’s not just the stupid dwarf  “super-wheat” that I’m allergic to. It’s some part of the protein coded for in Genetically Modified Organisms.

What???? Who’s ever heard of THAT? Turns out, a lot more people than you’d think.

Guess the Europeans got it right when they banned GMOs.

So for now, I’ll stick to prosciutto from Italy, my favorite French preserves, pasture-raised, grass (and coconut) fed beasts, wild-caught fish – and only organic, non-GMO gluten-free products.  I usually carry food with me so I rarely eat out and have been able to restrict my diet to things I know won’t kill me. (boring!) Greek yogurt and gluten-free steel-cut oats are my friends!

Meanwhile, all your allergies are belong to me!


All illustrations are by me, the great and awesome Dragonmum. Creative Commons will eat you if you steal them!!


Life is gonna change. A lot. Again.


It’s been a rough few weeks. Not so good health & pain-wise. Cycle of over-doing, paying for it, repeat. Spent a whole week recovering from the jaw spasms I got after spending 2 hours trying to get some information from an insurance company for a patient. Brain doesn’t work so well when I’m exhausted & in pain.

So, I’ve decided to put my medical license on inactive the end of this month. Besides the physical toll my practice has taken, my medications & brain insults from chemo, meds, concussion etc add up to my brain not being as sharp as before. Scares me. When I’m really tired, I lose words. I’m not going to be responsible for making a mistake on someone’s prescription or anything else that could have adverse consequences.

I’m glad I’ve already gotten rid of most of the work. there were days I was completely wiped out. The migraine I got after the Blue Cross/Blue Shield day of the complete run-around was a real day-killer. Luckily I could spend the day resting. Wouldn’t have been able to do this before.

Another advantage of my lowered stress levels – the return of some artistic creativity. Something besides finding funny gifs for my blog, I mean! I made some great mixed media bookmarks, cards & boxes for our  temple’s annual bazaar. OK, I’m tooting my own horn, but they really are lovely.  When I get a little more energy I’ll put up photos.

Because I’ve been down a lot & working on the bazaar project (when I had energy) for the last 2 weeks AND Kat came home for a week of extended fall break, I haven’t been able to tend my on-line business.  I have SO many things I need to list before the Christmas buying season ends – really need them up in the next couple of weeks. My first priority is the group of stuffed toys I listed last year, have photos but when I pulled the listings didn’t think to copy the wording onto notepad… so now I’ve had to weigh and measure each one again! Here’s one of my favorite toys – a lovely custom-made white teddy bear with a gorgeous custom made lined white plush coat with great details:

496 503

That’s what I did this afternoon – after I slept for 2 hours in what was left of the morning/early afternoon when I got up at 11….We had the bazaar yesterday & it really wiped me out.

So – it’s toys, Christmas jewelry & collectibles and then my gorgeous vintage hats. Hats are a new venture for me – I’ve been doing my research; have some great ones, including a couple Mr John Classics. Here’s one of the gorgeous Mr Johns – the green wool felt & veil really complemented Kat’s red hair – I wish I had a photo of  her wearing it!

hats 001 hats 002

My listing hold-up has been finding a good hat head for photographing them. I have that plain styrofoam head & one of my wigs from chemo days. That will probably do if I can make it stand up! It wasn’t made for the weight of a hat, so I need to stabilize the bottom. Some of these hats weigh a couple of pounds – Yeah! Really! I can’t believe women actually wore some of these things…

Got some more vintage ties too. This time most of them are really pretty – including a batch of wool ties from Scotland, Ireland & England. Those should be great for the Northern winters. Nobody around here in NC would even think of wearing a wool tie!

Life goes on. Nik and i were able to make it back to 2 SCA meetings!! YAY!! I had Nik do some research on Aristophanes. I was inspired by Tony Blair mentioning “cloud cuckoo land” in a speech before Parlement. Nik found out about “The Birds” & the political climate in Athens at the time as well as the format of Greek “comedies”. All by himself except for a discussion at the end of the day when we discussed what he’d found. He’s such a great kid!

Yesterday he was explaining a moss bonsai to a lady at the bazaar. He mentioned he’d been studying moss recently and she wanted to know where he was doing that. She was probably thinking which school class. He simply explained he was home schooled & decided to see if he could grow moss under out back deck to prevent erosion – studying which grew best, what growing conditions were ideal, which propagated itself most freely etc. Think it scared the heck out of her to hear this coming from the mouth of a young teenager.

Unschooling or “child led education” is working extremely well with Nik. He’s interested in so many things that he’s providing himself a liberal arts education! Did I mention he is studying classical painting & has Thomas Constable as his current favorite? We’re working on his writing problem with his blog. Slowly, he’s increasing the amount he’s writing and decreasing the amount of whining. Eventually he will learn to write a research paper; I’m content with him finishing most of Algebra 2 and being ready to start on Trig. If he were in the 8th grade (as he would be), he’d never have even heard of a Greek play….

Life is changing. A lot. Again. Always something new to do, to learn & to discover. I guess I’ll roll with it 😀

Taking it Easy or Working Too Hard?


Which is it? Ha! 

I decided to skip the hospital horror stories….

and write about the here & now….

After surgery, you’d think – Oh, she’s taking it easy. She’s being taken care of.  People are letting her lay on the couch and waiting on her. Ain’t so. Especially that being taken care of part.  So I have to balance what I have to do for myself with what I can without hurting myself.

I’m having a really hard time grasping how debilitated I am. Having your abdomen slit open and  surgeons muck around in your guts is a rather traumatic experience. I finally realized why I’ve just not cognitively getting just how traumatic it was.

See, I had breast cancer surgery 5+ years ago. I had double mastectomies and a type of reconstruction called TRAM at the same time. They take the top group of your “6-pack” and move it up where your boob tissue was. Problem is, the skin that is over that area is cut out and they have to stretch the remaining skin down. This would leave your abdomen pretty weak if they didn’t put in a strong mesh fabric to give it support. That’s great; works well. The downside (besides the really horrendous  but well-worth-it recovery) is the nerves are all cut too, so there’s no sensation in the skin layers of my abdomen.

“Great!” you might think. So that big ol’ slash doesn’t hurt. I’m grateful because I’m dreadfully allergic to all the strong pain meds. My heating pad & acetaminophen are my best friends. However, I’ve discovered the big problem.  Pain can be our friend. It lets us know when we are doing something that might damage our body. It lets us know when we’re doing too much. It’s our early warning system.  Get the picture?

No pain at the incision site – no “hey dummy,  time to stop now”. Plus my ADHD meds give me more energy, so when the crash comes, it really comes. Then I’m totally exhausted  & the place where they actually cut into my abdominal cavity is having something to say about my over-activity.

So, by the school of hard knocks  (hard heads?), I’ve figured out about how much activity I can handle. I made it worse by initially not realizing what I was doing. Took me awhile to figure out that even sitting in my office chair for 3 hours isn’t such a good thing. Somehow the way I move around really irritates my belly. The result? Lots of time on the couch. Sleeping late. Not taking my stimulants so I’m not tempted to keep going even further beyond my capacity.

This all sucks. Not so much because I have to lay around. Heck no. It’s because, amazingly, after the surgery a lot of my other aches and pains have evaporated. Joe, my PT god, thinks it’s because I probably had an infection brewing there for months causing even more problems than I had to begin with. Plus, my mental energy level has suddenly improved.  I’m interested in things. I’ve started to read again. I want to do projects. This is amazing!!

I’ll see. Maybe all this laying around will help heal more than just my belly.  It maybe just the thing my knotted and sore muscles need to reset themselves. That would be tremendous. I haven’t been myself, or what I think of as “myself” for a long time. It also has confirmed to me the wisdom of closing my practice. There is so much more I can do to nurture myself & my family without the constant need to nurture patients too.

Yesterday I had the privilege of a visit from an old friend.  She had felt compelled to come see me; she didn’t know about my very recent problems, but just had that 6th sense something wasn’t right. She is an incredibly centered mindful person & has offered to be my wellness coach. To help me get my life into a very healthy place physically, mentally & spiritually.

Everything happens for a reason. What a wonderful gift; it couldn’t have come at a better time. Wonderful but scary. Change can hurt. Well, I’ve got a pretty high pain tolerance. We’ll see what happens next!

Wasn’t this supposed to be my week off??!!??


Yeah, that’s right, this WAS supposed to be a week off… but I must “be off” to think that fate, karma, and the power of the vortex I live in would allow that to happen!!

Last week, I sarcastically commented on the odds of me actually getting some me time… The last time I tried to take off an entire week, my Mom got sick, and I spent most of the week keeping her out of the hospital.

And know what? Sunday night at 10:30, I was at the pharmacy Nice pharmacist! getting antibiotics. For Mom. At least we caught it sooner this time. Today, she’s much clearer – she hasn’t been talking about the blue fish in the aquarium Dorie??or the doll on the back of the chair…Neither of which exist any where except in her mind.

With all this swirling around, I’ve been dropping more balls than usual.

An example…    I sent this email this morning in response to an inquiry from another OnlineAuction seller:

M – I see what happened now – I went through and paid all the google checkout invoices, skipped yours because it was paypal (meaning to go back and pay it when I finished google) and then, of course, got distracted… Duh If I don’t pay within 3 days, something ain’t right! If I buy something from you again, and I haven’t paid or contacted you within 3 days after you send an invoice – please resend it!bug me!

The chaos in my house is absolutely overwhelming right now NOW! my mother has dementia and she’s sick (again), and my father is frustrated and deaf, and doesn’t realize he’s yelling at her and he has the TV is so loud LOUD!you can hear it in Nevada…and the kid’s meds have worn off by 6 pm, and he’s running around doing the Egyptian Funky Chicken funkOlympic Swimmer dance Dance!in front of the TV so Dad yells at him too…. A patient calls me calls me!and I can’t go outside to escape the noise because it’s raining so hard it’s roaring… so to hear her, I end up crouching behind the island in the kitchen Shark!to shut out the noise of Dad yelling at Mom because she’s not strong enough to stand up the way she needs to…(He’s not mean, just scared) …. And then my husband walks in and wants me to immediately drop everything and listen to what he’s done that day.Isn't this what I do at work??. (isn’t this what I do for a living??)… and this is all after I’ve been at work for until 8 pm…. Dinner? Huh? The Papa John’s Guy at the door again? Yech....So, for me, another dinner of Progresso soup (can’t do sodium in pizza – imagine the Goodyear Blimp with boobs!!)..Blimps Fly!!.We do have a wonderful home helper, Barbara(Fairy Godmother!) who’s here every night but she just takes the edge off!

And that was just last night!!! The OnlineAuction Wednesday Wave was the sanest part of my day yesterday!!!!!!
Anyhow, you’re paid!Yes!

Now I’m having a “hang out on the couch because the barometric pressure is doing the cha-cha” day. Although Fay is pretty far away, it’s causing the weather here to be unstable. The barometer in my head NOT LIKE IT!! (Hush, barometer, stop shouting – I have a headache!!)

We are lucky, though. My brother and his family live in St Augustine. They are currently getting pounded by the rainRainy and wind Windyon the northwest side of the storm. They haven’t had a direct hit of anything in the 20 years they’ve lived in FL. I’m sending lots of good thoughts and wishes their way – I just hope they evacuated instead of sitting and waiting.

This storm is another one of those signs – like I told my parents in 2005 when 3 storms sliced across the state right across their home – It’s a sign that either that God doesn’t like your landscaping or humans aren’t supposed to live in Florida!! (for them, I voted for the “not live in FL” option – they live with me now!) They were very very lucky they were in the right place that year – Not in Florida! I kept emailing Dad in the UK satellite photos of the monster storms moving in right (literally!) Rain Cloudover their house. At some point it began to sink in. I don’t think it was until they got home and found that the land had changed from green to blue (tarps).

All the chaos has also put a damper on my online listing. I did get a few items up. Most are yarn (yes!), most are vintage yarn!!

**Addendum: I’m no longer selling on OLA. please visit my Bonanzle storeDragonmum’s Vintage Valuables

The most exciting thing I’ve done this week is to list my 1st charity auction.

I found a Designs by Lucinda House Pin, and am auctioning it for our won buddhist meditation temple. We are raising funds for a dharma room expansion – which will provide more meditation space, and extra room to provide hospitality and shelter to those who need it.

Well, this time next week, I’ll be on my third day of more patients, and once again I will be dealing with

Lolz, Olympics Brain & some Yarnz….


Good morning! Rly! Shake off that fog!

I know you spent too much time last night watching the Olympics and not enough sleeping….

Too bad. I’m up. You should be too. WAKE UP!!!!

Is a great day for LOLz! an for Yarnz (or is it Yarnses?)

Nik insisted we look at his new LOLz over breakfast… not sure LOLz before coffee Caffeineis such a great thing… srsly!

Oh, and I found good smileys – Which I will continue to inflict on all you wonderful readers (YES! all 3 of you!!)!Kitty 7I’ve been having way too much fun with these for an almost-50 yo dragon. Every one needs toys; the smileys are my new toys!! (addendum 3/17/2012 – see my recent post “hotlinking is bad…” for why you are no longer subject to the blinking, moving, flashing horrors – well, not nearly as many, anyway.)

Anyway, back to LOLz…

(Trying to blog before Adderall is also a problem ….must. ..focus… on… coherent…. thoughts….Doofus )

So distractable, OH NOoooos! Have Olympics Brain!

That’s why I know YOU stayed up; everyone is staying up to watch those terrific swimmers. Gymnastics.

Beach Volleyball? Why in the world is Beach Volleyball and Olympic sport??? Wait, I forgot, the Olympic Committee is a bunch of guys. Like greased girls in swimsuits. Some must like greased boys in swimsuits…Mullet

Now I see – those were the CHEERLEADERS!

Here are the players:

And here are the WINNERS!!! USA!!!

We were up watching swimming – again – Hubby was a college swimmer; he’s taking a walk down memory lane (doesn’t that make us sound all old and cute??) Bleah. OK. Swimming is cool. That Chris guy is winning so many medals and breaking so many world records…could he be an alien fish mutant????

Nik had enough sense to stumble upstairs by 10:30. As adults, hubby and I reserve the right to make incredibly stupid choices all by ourselves. Who needs more than 6 hours of sleep anyway…..Bloodshot ?

Anyway, back to Lolz. I gave Nik permission to use the computer while I was at work yesterday. He was itching to get back to making LOLz.

He was miffed (isn’t that a cute word? Bleah.) that I had been spending all the time on the computer. on OLA. listing Stuff. on editing Photos. to list Stuff. on line. of my de-stash effort . of Yarns!!

It hurts me to even take pictures of all that yarn. (It burns usss…). I was just holding my Lana Grossa Brillo that I’d bought to crochet a sleeveless tank. It’s so soft and soft and soft…SOBCrying 2

So,  I took photos of the best of my yarns – my lovely vintage yarns, my Australian vintage yarns…I love Australian Wool Yarn! The crepe multiply yarns are my weakness and the bright blues and the purples and the….. You can tell I’m serious about de-stashing. Not only am I getting rid of my stash of vintage Patons Highland Wool in Bright Blue with confetti flecks, BUT I’m also getting rid of (I’m cringing here now…) PURPLE yarn!!!ShockedI know you’re just eaten up with curiosity to find out what treasures I’m…getting….rid…of…..

***(addendum 3/17/2012: Nope. Doing none of this. Ignore all the following:**Addendum: I’m no longer selling on OLA.please visit my Bonanzle store: Dragonmum’s Vintage Valuables.  Some Yarns went to Nuri) – but still see Dyetyarns on for wonderful yarn, wool, etc.

Oh, yeah – LOLz…

I did get a little off track there, Huh? Olympics brain still.

OK – LOLz…. Nik wanted me to to look at his new LOLz, so the first thing we did (after I checked my email and omail, of course) was go look at his new LOLz – He wanted me to upload his newest photos too…

Stick to LOLz woman!WhipOK. So, Here’re some beauties from Nik’s collection:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures
funny pictures     funny pictures (sic)
moar funny pictures
My latest LOLz are rather more topical….

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Gotta go, but more later!

Our own Saturday morning Sitcom

funny pictures

Selective Y-linked deafness strike again!

What’d ya know? It’s Saturday morning!

I can tell by the raucous noise penetrating the bedroom from downstairs. My boys are watching cartoons. How sweet….a Father-Son bonding experience.

Maybe they think they need to shave off a few IQ points? They never seem to grasp the idea that someone might want to sleep in and/or not start their morning with loud incredibly irritating noise. 

I can tell neither of them has taken his medicine!

I slept way too late (or not late enough, depending on your point of view), then lumbered down the stairs with my usual morning “cheerfulness” (i.e. lack there of). Immediately I am assaulted by a barrage of sound and visual chaos.

How on earth could anyone choose to start their day like this?

Coffee is saving the boys’ lives this morning. The wonderful new coffee I bought at Costco (Wednesday evening, between leaving work at 5 and my 7 pm meeting) is an organic shade grown coffee called Ruta Maya, from a Mexican farmers’ coop. I don’t know how they made it SO smooth, but there is almost no bitterness whatsoever… I was convinced when the demo guy made me a double shot of espresso, I put in some 1/2 & 1/2 + sugar; I couldn’t tell it was espresso! More yummy than a caramel macchiato or any other even mildly concentrated espresso drink I’ve ever tasted: Needless to say, I bought it!

DH makes the morning coffee (for it says in the Bible “Hebrews” ) , but always drinks extra on Saturdays. That’s OK; I really don’t need more than one mug (sniffle BIG SAD FACE )…

Once again, I was thwarted in my effort to get the TV turned off by 11am (much less 11 pm).

Not only did Nik whine that there was still a half an hour left, his father whined too! More Father-Son bonding…

DH seems to think watching TV is some sort of Constitutional right, while I look at it as a tool of Satan. (especially for a family rampant with ADHD)

Nothing like parents approaching an issue from the same point of view.

funny pictures

Looking for the wrong thing!!! Only The bay down there. Sellers all gone!

They’ve now scooted off to their other Saturday play time (they play DreamBlade, an incredibly complicated and time-consuming miniatures game), won’t be back until at least 6.

I’m going to seize the time to work on my on-line listings. I got started on a new site after the Feb. ‘bay Boycott.  A  large number of us fled at that time and needed new selling venues. Bunches of bunches have left since, as the bay keeps getting nastier and nastier (along with Poop Pal, the bay’s evil twin).

Now, gotta get to work – spent way too much time blogging today!!

Skip today – Please!


Migraine. Won’t.  Go.  Away. Can we please skip today? I want to move on to tomorrow.

Will anyone let me?

Did it do me any good to cancel all my patients and stay home?

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!   That cell phone went off every time I drifted off. It’s a conspiracy!

The Excedrin Migraine kicked in after a couple hours. Caffeine. No sleep. Sh#$T. Awake and HA not quite gone. Grrrrr…. Usually they don’t drag on like this.

Chuck watches with amazement as I clean!

Chuck watches with amazement as I clean!

I really am concerned. Now will you feed me?

I really am concerned. Now will you feed me?

I guess I’ll do some “cleaning” (i.e. consolidating more of my clutter) Wow! There’s the top of the ironing board!

Haven’t seen that for months….

It’s really hot up here. What the??? The AC isn’t working??? Cr*(*7P.

Chuck’s been following me around like a dog. I think he knows something isn’t right (my mind, obviously!!)

Here’s Chuck…. Staring at me and showing cat concern!

He’s a good cat! Active word – cat.

Time to go downstairs where the AC is actually working.

Oh No! Dad has decided it’s time for Mom to walk and do her exercises. Good thing Annie’s here. Dad fusses less when someone else is around. I don’t count!

No quiet down here. Think Think… Maybe I can hide behind my computer screen.

What’s this the OLA chatters are discussing? They announced a new postcard campaign for the holidays, so need some ideas.

Things were getting really creative! Perhaps under the influence of very early egg nog,  one suggested using the song “Feels like the first time” … to hark back to the days when we first listed on that other place, and it was fun. I think she’s been sleep-deprived or something, too!!   OLA is supposed to be a family-friendly sort of place, right? I ran that lame idea past 3 20-somethings who snickered, and my 29 yo adoptee, who made retching noises. No, I don’t think that one’ll fly!!

Someone suggested an OLA Santa and OLA gifts under the tree – I like that one… and was mildly inspired.

So what did I spend the next hour or so doing? Listing items? Sleeping? Teaching Nik?

No, making up jingles! I came up with a Christmas one and a “non-denominational” holiday one, which I definitely like better.

Here they are:

“Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus

Right from OLA…

Jewelry and comics and all the gifts dear filling up his sleigh!

All the toys that Santa’s bringing
came from OLA

Christmas shopping will be a breeze

cause Santa’s got OLA !”

This one rips off “Auld Lang Syne”

Should you need gifts for holidays
and don’t know where to look

You’ll find them all on OLA
toys candy jewels and books

They’re all on OLA, my dear
on OLA

You’ll find that special gift you need
on Friendly OLA!

Don’t think anyone else cared, noticed or liked them. Sigh. Mope. Self-Pity.

Bunny has no fear!

Bunny has no fear!

Dad!  Stop those dogs from barking!! Too much noise for my brain. Migraine coming back.

That dumb little bunny who lives in the Salvia right beside the driveway  has no fear. Doesn’t care if we’re standing right there. Bunny believes it owns the yard. Nik shooed it away so Dad could get the dogs out without being dragged through the grass. Darn if the rabbit didn’t hop right back into the yard the minute the dogs were out of sight!

I was standing on the front porch. I could have been a tree for all that bunny cared!!

Oh, wait, it’s another severe weather front coming in!!

Thunderclouds approaching - Migraine approaching too!

Thunderclouds approaching - Migraine approaching too!

Can I just skip tonight?    Please? (Whine whine whine) Nooo………….

Barbara wants to know what to fix for supper. Nik wants me to look at all his new photos. Dad’s yelling at Mom not to feed the dogs. Again.

Bad head. Bad stomach. Imitrex is my friend!!!

Now I can eat supper without loosing my lunch.

Here’s another couple of that bunny.

Will curiosity kill the bunny?

Will curiosity kill the bunny?

I thought curiosity killed the cat but this bunny sure seems determined to find out what’s in our garage!!

Nah, it just found more to eat!

Nah, it just found more to eat!

Hope Chuck didn’t escape through the laundry room door;

he’d love some rabbit tartar!!

Photos all by Nikolas Wall. All rights reserved under the same CC license as all my other stuff!!!