Welcome to “Brain Damage in the Fast Lane”!

Update 1/18/2012……..

I’m a 51 year old eccentric, opinionated (ya think?) psychiatrist living in a vaguely rural part of North Carolina, close enough to Chapel Hill to still be considered in “The Southern Part of Heaven”. My Handsome Hubby is a practicing MD & a brilliant, absent-minded professor packrat. I have 3 excellent offspring, who have inherited my “loud & opinionated” genes, as well as good looks & brains… (OK, maybe they got some of them from their fathers…). Nuri, by far the most beautiful & loud, is a forester in school for environmental law. Andy, son #1, is a ChemE.  Nik, son #2, is still at home, suffering home schooling at my hands.

If you read my blog, you’ll get a pretty clear picture of who I am & how I live.  Hubby, Nik & I are practicing Won Buddhists. I’ve now completely retired. Mom died October 2010. Nik is almost as tall as his 6′  Father. Dad’s 81 & still raising heck.  I’m a 8+ year breast CA survivor. We have a wonderful lady, Laurine, who come in and  decrease our physical chaos, which I’m unable to tackle physically.  I love it when I can see floors!!

Nik & I traveled to Italy & Paris for5 weeks in the Fall. This whett our appetites for more trips. Plans include the UK in 2013, Korea in 2015, Costa Rica somewhere in there, plus more NYC. New Orleans in December, too, for Kat’s graduation!!

Inflammatory Comments:

I’m glad to answer questions or open a dialog with anyone about the contents of my blog. I will not disclose personal information, other than that already contained in my blog, unless I know you pretty well. Be assured that, if I rant about something, I have the academic background, intellectual credentials, experience &/or  plain ol’ horse sense to justify having an opinion on the subject. ( one benefit of being over-educated & terminally curious) Therefore, I will not respond to any “who do you think you are…”  comments. I know who I think I am. Just told you, so you can leave that part off.


On my Front Page, the photo is by my son, Nik, the great genius photography Wizard & the Art is by Me, the wonderful & grandiose Dragonmum.

About Archived Posts:

I’ve tried to delete most left-over references to on-line selling, since I haven’ sold on-line since January 2010.  I’m re-thinking marketing & sales strategies, as well as looking, with Nik, at selling his photos.

Huge Pet Peeve:

I thoroughly research the items I sell. I HATE it when people sell things they know nothing about. That’s just stupid!!! I’ve profited from their ignorance, but, please, people,  look it up!! Books, the ‘net, local antique/vintage dealers, the Library (remember that?)…

I might be able to help:

If you have an antique or vintage item you haven’t been able to identify (see, I’m assuming you’ve exhausted ALL of the above options…), you can

  1. Post on The Vintage Village discussion forum thread “The Vintage Detectives”
  2. Join The Vintage Village and become a member of the “Researchers to the Rescue” group for shop keepers.
  3. Post a comment to me with info & I’ll get back to you with ID or request for more info or my own “I don’t know”. Nik also does some of the research.

I’m now part of the Regretsy.com community; I can be found running my mouth and generally making trouble in the forums. Nik & I plan to open 2 etsy stores this year, so I thought I might as well join the FJLs. CF4L!!

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  1. I read your post on meta tags but saw no where to post a comment so am responding here. 🙂 I liked what you talked about ie meta tags. I am still trying to understand them and what they are used for so keep posting your research. Thanks.

  2. Love this blog!!!! and all your tidbits. Saw on VV and the VV Tweety Board!!!! LOL!!! First met you on VP 🙂 Very interested in the “siggies” costume jewelry as well as vintage fabric. My love as first and foremost vintage jewels. Have been collecting for ages!!!! Thanks for all the great vintage promotions!!!

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