Wikileaks Witch Hunt Continues On… Stop It, Stupids!!


If you read further down, I mention a way you can still get donations to Wikileaks.

Been sleeping under a rock for the last few months? Here’s the background on Wikileaks .

You’d think the world would have learned. You’d think the countries known for their supposedly free-speech principles would be less blatantly hypocritical. Perhaps you’d even think they’d remember what happens when you persecute someone seen by a large part of the world as a hero.

No. Of course not.

Martyrs are pretty hard to kill!

Sometimes they turn out to be hydras: Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a former WikiLeaks’ spokesman, has announced plans to launch a new and more transparent platform on his own, the German news magazine Focus reported.

Suddenly, all these “democratic” countries, which put down all those ol’ repressive regimes, are bound and determined to repress information that they don’t want you to have.

And you know what? It’s silly stuff, really. Reminds me of the guy from Burn Notice who says ” you know those spies – a bunch of bitchy little girls…”  So what have we learned? Diplomats are catty? People say one thing & do another? Human beings run our governments?

OH NO!!! Stupids.

Today, eBay, via paypigpal, cut off wikileak’s donation account.

This follows Amazon kicking them off their servers, hackers continuously attempting to shut down the site, denial of service cyber attacks on servers & sites seen as friendly to them (remote computers commandeered by rogue programs bombard a website with so many data packets that it becomes overwhelmed and unavailable to visitors), Interpol putting out an alert for JA, Sweden deciding they’re going to try to arrest him on a (bogus) rape charge, and the US & UK “powers that be” roundly denouncing the release of all these nasty embarrassing documents (’cause that’s all they are!)

Pitchforks. Torches. Angry… diplomats? Where are the peasants? Oh! They LIKE Mr Assange!!  So does brave, handsome Stephen Colbert, who courageously interviewed this evil? treacherous? world-destroying? Oh! I have to stop! It’s too funny… Here’s the Interview.

Me likes Julian, too. Thinks him HOT! Brains, guts & cool Scandinavian looks, with that great mashed-up Australian/European accent. What’s not to like? Me must be peasant.

OK. So he’s no saint. Who is? Oh yeah, her.

Are these “the Pentagon Papers” of 2010? Daniel Ellsberg has given his backing to Wikileaks. You remember? The one who leaked the Pentagon Papers on the Vietnam war in 1971? The papers that, in the end, had little, if any, impact – except for giving jobs to a lot of journalists.

Today (Dec 4, 2010), on the BBC News Web Site, News Analyst Anatol Lieven writes: (my bolds & italics)

Finally, there is the wider question as to whether such leaks are a good or bad thing. After careful thought and with certain reservations, I’d have to say that on balance they are good.

On the security threat which has so often been cited as an objection, it seems that Wikileaks have taken care to exclude anything that can endanger specific US agents or actions.

Another objection is that for the need for confidentiality in diplomacy – so that diplomats can express candid views to their home governments without fearing that they will be spread all over the media.

This is a much stronger argument, but in the end it is outweighed – in the West, not obviously in Russia – by the fact that we are after all supposed to be democracies, and our electorates have the democratic right to know more than they have done in recent years about the conduct of their government’s foreign policy.

Far too much misinformation and outright lying has surrounded the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Overall, we in the West now live in an atmosphere of security hysteria and obsessive secrecy that would have filled our ancestors with horror.

If the threat of more Wikileaks releases makes this less likely in future, so much the better.

As to the effects on the tender sensibilities of Silvio Berlusconi, Vladimir Putin and Hamid Karzai of private US official opinions of them – well, how very tragic.

The more these people know of how the outside world regards them the better for their countries. From this point of view, Wikileaks might almost be seen as rather a good way for a US administration to pass on candid messages that it could not possibly deliver officially.

On Saturday, media freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders issues a statement condemning  personal attacks on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and “the blocking, cyber-attacks and political pressure” in what it called the first “attempt at the international community level to censor a website dedicated to the principle of transparency… We are shocked to find countries such as France and the United States suddenly bringing their policies on freedom of expression into line with those of China.”

Oh Yeah!

The Wau Holland Foundation, named after a German hacker & the organization’s main (known) private financial backer, is actively collecting donations. So far they have collected euro750,000 ($1 million) for WikiLeaks, covering the organization’s expenses. Following WikiLeaks’ recent releases, they are now experiencing an enormous number of contributions. On its website, the foundation says “the huge and in this form unique amount of donations has caused the delay of issuing contribution receipts” — which allow Germans to deduct donations from their taxes. If you want to contribute, they have instructions on their site. Of course, you can’t use PayPorker.

If I write that I strongly support his efforts to encourage global information transparency & think Wikileaks is a brilliant idea, am I committing treason?


Reasonable Intelligent Freedom-loving People of the World Love You, Julian! You can come hide at my house. We’ve got this great closet under the stairs. I’ll even move out the kitty litter box & wire you in a light bulb. You can pretend you’re Harry Potter…  We won’t tell my husband. He’d be afraid of the government & all that!

Just remember to watch out for the Stupids!

A note:

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