Going to the Rally!!! and/or the March??


I’m SOOOO excited!!!!

Reserved my hotel room (days inn Alexandria south still has plenty rooms for $80/night, despite what orbitz etc say. Right off end of yellow line),  blocked out the days & making plans for what to take with us that we can carry on the Metro & lug around the Mall.

Attempting to blackmail Hubby in to coming along. We’ll see if that works! This will be the first time we leave Dad home alone while we go somewhere since Mom died. I don’t think he’s quite sure he’ll be OK, but he’s going to try.

Meanwhile, Nik & I will plot out which sights to see on the other days we’ll be there. I figured if we were going to go, we might as well stay & do some of the sight-seeing I’ve been promising Nik – Including the National Gallery.

I want to carry a sign saying “I’m afraid of…” on one side &  “unreasonable people” on the other – Or “talk softly & carry a reasonable argument”!! Sanity needs to be restored AND we need to be afraid of the consequences if it isn’t.

See you on the Mall, Saturday Oct. 30th!!


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