Stuffs About Dragonmum (please read before making inflammatory comments!)


9/27/2010………  If you read my early blog entries, you’ll get a pretty clear picture of who I am & how I live! Since I wrote them, I’ve completely retired, Mom has died, Nik is taller than my Father, &  I haven’t sold on-line since January. We’ve had people come in and help clear out a significant amount of the physical chaos, which I’ve been unable to tackle physically. (No, Nuri, I am not a hoarder XP)

I’m glad to answer questions or open a dialog with anyone about the contents of my blog. I will not disclose personal information, other than that contained in my blog, unless I know you pretty well. Be assured that, if I rant about something, I have the academic background, intellectual credentials & plain ol’ horse sense to justify having an opinion on the subject. ( one benefit of being over-educated & terminally curious) Therefore, I will not respond to any “who do you think you are…”  comments. I know who I think I am. Just told you, so you can leave that part off.

You can ignore any of the references to on-line selling prior to this date. I’m completely revamping my sales strategies, as well as contents of my on-line store or stores. Almost everything will be vintage – accessories & great stuffs, like my trolls plus jewelry, lots of shiny jewelry. Mmmm, jewelry… . (note: I thoroughly research the items I sell – one of my huge pet peeves – and one that I’ve profited from – is people not knowing what they’re selling.  That’s just stupid.) I’ll definitely make an announcement when Dragonmum returns to the viscous world of on-line commerce!


About dragonmum

Crazy life disease? Yeah. I'm in the process of downsizing the craziness. I'm concentrating on taking care of me & everything else that didn't get done while I was working outside the house. 3 kids (only one still at home), husband, father lives with me, dog, 2 evil 1/2 Siamese cats, turtle, many fish. Love vintage & Victorian jewelry, art glass, American art pottery, Asian textiles (from all of Asia), fabrics and fibers & meddling in other people's business as much as possible... Identify as lots of things - wife, mother, mental health professional, agenderish demi-hetero-romantic gray asexual, artist, good friend, blah blah blah... I'm sure there's something else, but my brain leaks on a regular basis and many things get sucked into our pet black hole. Oh yeah, we have the all ADHD 24/7 household...

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