More Change then I Expected!! Need Prayers or Good Energy or Whatever!


Turns out it’s a good thing I’ve closed my practice. Fortuitous you might say.  I had just re-started some of my fav activities (like SCA) when “poof”. More life craziness.  I’ve given up on much new selling for this holiday season or getting more involved in anything else. Somethings are just more important.

My 79 yo Mom’s been sick for a while (why I haven’t been around my usual on-line haunts). Last week we took her to hospital – and found out she’s got recurrence of ovarian CA. Today I’m coming off 5 days of literally not leaving the hospital; we got home yesterday pm.

The good thing – we had the most excellent hospital experience ever! We were on the 6th floor of UNC’s Women’s hospital. The room was spacious, had a great view and adequate sleeping space for 2 people. The staff were wonderfully kind & compassionate. The med student, residents, fellow & attendings  were the best I’ve ever worked with. And I know – Between my own “stuff” & staying with Mom at other times, we have some nightmare stories. (just see my earlier posts!) The social worker  – OK, they call them “case managers” now – was a miracle worker.

All the discharge arrangements went off exactly as planned. Nurses got blood from  & IVs in Mom on the 1st try – unheard of!! Even the food was good -balanced, well cooked & attractive. Even at the cafeterias for non-patients (except I still think the coffee  was too weak – imagine that for hospital coffee!) We had a few palliative radiation treatments done & that went well too.

The bad thing – we have to call hospice; we don’t know how long she has to live, but it isn’t very long. Mom & Dad live with me, so I’m a huge part of her care. Mom’s got dementia & she has no idea what’s going on – so she’s  her usual pleasant self now that we’re back home. My Dad is frazzled & goes around in circles like a caged ferret.(fueled by Dr Pepper ) He’s 79 too, but looks & acts like 60. Harder headed than a 2 yo too. Poster boy for geriatric hyperactive adhd. He had to face some very hard truths there in the hospital. Funny, I’d been saying those things for years. Got no cred with him; I’m just “the daughter the doctor”. How would I know anything?  I think he can’t deal with this with denial.

Mom & Dad both turned 79 this summer & celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary in Sept.  They’ve been very lucky.  We’ll work to make Mom’s last months as happy and comfortable as possible.  I’m gonna make Dad buy her the REALLY GOOD chocolate  – and the awesome chocolate chocolate chip cookies from Weaver Street Market!!

I’ll try to steal some time away later to post updates. Please send your prayers, energy wishes & love to all of us. We’ll need all the help we can get.


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