My Vintage “Selling” Frustration – Not Selling!


I’ve been working SO hard over the last few weeks to get great listings in my Bonanzle stores.

Even while I was on vacation!! (yeah, the computer addict thing)

Where are all the buyers? Is it the economy?

My items are way less than the current retail (even with shipping).

I consider my stores re-cycling, making them a a great green option  too.

My first 2 stores, Vintage Valuables & Fabrics Fibers and Fun are at least getting looks with sporadic sales. Their items are  always getting put in one hand-picked list or another, especially my various  Clifford the Big Red   dogs, trolls, enamel crab & bluebird pins.

But Alas!!  My poor lonely Dragonmum’s Wears store is sitting there just begging for someone to at least browse it….  Good thing I’m not dependent on my “income” from selling –

I’d be homeless & starving.

I’m not sure why. Right now I’m featuring a terrific selection of vintage ties –

bow ties,  “ugly” wide ties,  from the early 70s,

retro 80s skinny ties & nifty 1950s-60s skinny ties. 

Some of my fav contemporaries too  like this J.S. Blank Collection beautiful textured woven silk tie.

How can you resist??

Where are all you KNOTs?? (Kollectors of Nasty Old Ties) I’ve put out a feast for you  – and all at negotiable prices.

Are you  ???

There are these gorgeous shoes for you:

Vintage Margaret Jerrold, Vintage Ferragamos, &

these show-stopping Red Prada Mules –
all in excellent condition & at prices that are a steal!  

Not to mention contemporary  bags & purses,  snow boots for kids, new men’s & women’s shorts and a selection of gently used dresses & lingerie. Plus sizes & petites.

You can’t beat my prices for these quality wearables & every price is negotiable (that’s what OBO means).

What are you guys waiting for??   

Consider this your invitation to visit Dragonmum’s Wears.

If you don’t see what you want, contact me. I’ve got tons of other “wears” I haven’t had time to list.


About dragonmum

Crazy life disease? Yeah. I'm in the process of downsizing the craziness. I'm concentrating on taking care of me & everything else that didn't get done while I was working outside the house. 3 kids (only one still at home), husband, father lives with me, dog, 2 evil 1/2 Siamese cats, turtle, many fish. Love vintage & Victorian jewelry, art glass, American art pottery, Asian textiles (from all of Asia), fabrics and fibers & meddling in other people's business as much as possible... Identify as lots of things - wife, mother, mental health professional, agenderish demi-hetero-romantic gray asexual, artist, good friend, blah blah blah... I'm sure there's something else, but my brain leaks on a regular basis and many things get sucked into our pet black hole. Oh yeah, we have the all ADHD 24/7 household...

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