M is for Mountains, V is for Vacation


My daughter has accused my blog of looking like Highlights’ “Read with Pictures”. I thought it might be fun to try that.

These are some random thoughts…  I’m on vacation anyway!!

I finally convinced Hubby he could take time off from work  So we are now on vacation  in the North Carolina  mountains. We’re staying at a very nice resort Sapphire Valley, an area that is apparently lousy with waterfalls  and other gorgeous scenery. The boys want to try fishing  (again). Their track record isn’t great. I’ll join in –  as far as I’m concerned,  fishing’s another excuse for a nap! We’re planning to go out to eat somewhere as a family.  The restaurants are kinda pricey.  Like most everything else here… I told Nik it was because only old rich people  live around here.   He agreed; “They’re the only ones who can afford  the real estate!”

We’ll try not to feed the bears.  while we try to figure out where the gem hunting places are.   I found a nice topaz today at the local instant-gratification cheap-o salted-bucket place! We’ll bring home lots more useless rocks.

I’m a sorry soul; I brought my computer along.    So I’m an addict, OK?  Wanted to work on my Bonanzle stores. Served me right;I kept losing my Internet connection  (which I paid for at the resort!)  Spent about 45 minutes with 2different nice techies.  I brought my Hubby too…. Unfortunately, there’s no tech support for Hubby…

Now that he’s 13, Nik eats everything and anything he can get his hands on.      His willingness  to try just about anything remotely edible  has increased about a thousand-fold.   Today he ate a tomato basil mozzarella sandwich… Definitely have a teenager (ie Locust)  in the house.  At least we won’t be taking  any food home!

We’ll be out hiking some trails. The minute it starts to go up-hill significantly, I’m sitting down and having a little snooze

So far the weather’s been really nice;sunny with only a few clouds.

My idea of a good vacation includes plenty of time just to sit and read.

Nik is always on the prowl for wildlife ;some of the wildlife is always on the prowl for him! Mosquito magnet! Hubby just talks to squirrels. Today we found a new/used bookstore. Nik got a book on wildflowers  of the Carolinas. How can they charge that kind of for a book that’s only 6 x 4?   Between him & Hubby, we acquired 5 more books that, of course, we need like a new  hole in the head…

Next thing, I think they’re going to try to convince me to go rafting.   Right. As if.  They’ll have better luck making me go to the swimming pool…  Tomorrow morning the plan is to have bacon (turkey) and eggs (free-range) for breakfast.  Hubby has to do all the cooking. So sad….

By the way, I’m one of those people who never send postcards when on vacation. That’s WORK!!  Consider this post my “post”card!


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