Why can’t I actually get anything done?


Photos. I’ve got photos. Stuff. Lots of stuff. Want to list stuff on Bonanzle. So what am I doing? Blogging. Chatting. Answering & beginning topics in groups, forums & discussions. Taking stupid quizzes on facebook. Making Bonanzle hand-picked lists. Fooling with widgets. Looking at my piles of stuff.

Like a potted plant. Clearly I need a kick in the pants!!! Or watering.  Or maybe a vacation??

Well, Hurray!! We’re finally getting a vacation. Up in the mountains. Where the boys can mine gems. And play in a video game room. We’ll bring home lots more useless rocks. Sigh.

It’s my idea of a vacation too. Time Share. Comfy beds. AC and Microwave. Cool mountains. Way up where cell phones don’t work.  I think there is wireless Internet. (hehehe) I have to have something to do while the boys are wasting time in the game room!

Meanwhile, I want to get as much listed in my on-line stores as possible.

I want to sleep too ….   No. Not really. I just wanted a chance to use that cartoon. My cat’s named Chuck anyway….

But wait! Don’t you have a day job? Oh, yeah. That’s still hanging around. Seeing a few patients. Having to write summaries for other docs. Answering phone calls from patients panicked because they’re afraid they can’t function without me. And one of my favorite ladies is dying.

Not getting things done there either.

So – nose to the grindstone- LIST! No, I didn’t say “Do the Funky Chicken”. That’s Nik’s dance!

Here are the 3 Vintage 9″ Thomas Dam troll dolls I managed to get up on my Bonanzle store,  Dragonmum’s Fabrics Fibers and Fun:

The 2 boys are from the 1960s, Nightgown Lady is 1977.

Maybe I’ll get more done tonight.

After the Antiques Road Show.


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