Vintage Vintage Vintage!!


I have been such a jewelry harlot lately. I spend most of today out buying more vintage jewelry than I can possibly sell in the foreseeable future….  I’ve also been hunting around on-line; last night I found an etsy store, VintageTreasures4You. I think I’ve restrained myself from buying, mostly because the number one thing I would like is a size small. This dress is in a gorgeous Asian brocade. Sigh>

I’ve been trying to list more of my vintage goodies.  Here are some of my cool summer earrings – just right to brighten up a hot steamy day!

And great necklaces for fun…

Come visit me at Dragonmum’s Vintage Valuables for more treasures!


About dragonmum

Crazy life disease? Yeah. I'm in the process of downsizing the craziness. I'm concentrating on taking care of me & everything else that didn't get done while I was working outside the house. 3 kids (only one still at home), husband, father lives with me, dog, 2 evil 1/2 Siamese cats, turtle, many fish. Love vintage & Victorian jewelry, art glass, American art pottery, Asian textiles (from all of Asia), fabrics and fibers & meddling in other people's business as much as possible... Identify as lots of things - wife, mother, mental health professional, agenderish demi-hetero-romantic gray asexual, artist, good friend, blah blah blah... I'm sure there's something else, but my brain leaks on a regular basis and many things get sucked into our pet black hole. Oh yeah, we have the all ADHD 24/7 household...

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  1. I have been collecting Vintage Costume Jewelry for over 20 years and of course you can’t go looking for one item without picking up another. Now you need to walk on a balancing beam to get through our home. Hopefully with trying to add more items daily I will have something that is just right for you at my Etsy Shop .

    I also was a seller on Ebay for almost 10 years with over 4,000 100% Positive Feedbacks under the id name vintagejewelry49 so you can feel confident buying from my shop.

    My other part-time position (which I just love doing) is taking or editing photos and trasferring to a cd for people who just don’t have the time to do it themselves and it makes their life quite a bit easier with their on-line sales.

    Proud Member of the The Vintage Village

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