I thought things came 3 in a row…?


Now, this just isn’t fair! (Of course there’s a huge debate tending toward the “life ain’t fair get over it” side.)  After all those wonderful occurrences of the last few months, I foolishly thought I was clear of “disasters” for a while. At least a little while? Wrong! I clearly  must’ve lost count. Must have been 5, not 3! Friday night I had Hubby drive me to the UNC Emergency Room. I’d had some belly pain start in the morning that got progressively worse during the day. My physical therapist suggested it might be early appendicitis. Being hard-headed & really not into another surgery, I stopped by the GoodWill on the way home from my PT session.  I thought “Well, if I can hang out here for a while, talk to folks and look around without getting worse, I’m OK” Yeah. Right. Stupid move, huh? First bad sign – I didn’t find any jewelry I liked. The shoes were enticing & I managed to even find 2 pair that fit (an almost unknown occurrence!) while chatting with another lady. Somewhat nauseated and sweaty, I scoped out the ceramics. No, not much there either.  Barely glanced at the households bin. Stopped to look at some original paintings. About now I was wondering if I was going to make it to the check-out. Since I’m a veteran, I quickly laid out my finds & checked out as quickly as I could. Noticed my handwriting was shaky and I was sweating & chilled.

OK, so finally I admit to myself “I’m sick. Not just sick, bad sick”.  Cautiously I drove home without passing out. Practically dropped through the front door. Before long I was calling Hubby. Blessedly, he works only 5 minutes away on Fridays. After 2 small diagnostic pokes at my belly (he’s Dr too) neither of us had a doubt. Off to the ER for me.  Shit!

After the usual wait, ER indignities  (I will not list those  here) plus yummy CT contrast (and CT), the surgical team converged on my curtained bay. Oh yes indeed. There it was on the CT, not to mention the excellent classic signs I allowed the lowly med student to elicit (OW!) so the sadistic resident could pimp him. No, really, they were really nice. The attending surgeon was a great lady (we later discovered a common interest in antiques & collectibles!) and a terrific trauma surgeon. They couldn’t do that nice little laproscopic procedure due to a belly full of mesh left from my cancer reconstructive surgery. A mid-line approach she said. So what’s another scar?  Nothing like an appendectomy to make your weekend. Surgery was quick; apparently my body cooperated. Cool.

Unfortunately (there, I used that word again…) that was the last time for a day or so.  Another pain med got crossed off my list. They’d put fentinyl in my PCA. Well, I’d had the patch and some prn stuff before without problem. Not this time! Horrible migraine with all the most lovely aspects. Tragically I’d consumed cherry jello not long before!! Staff not being so cooperative; more on that later. The absolutely most horrendous episode I can remember. Ever.

Interestingly, I found the pain from the incision controlled quite well with Tylenol & a heating pad.   A good night’s sleep & I felt pretty good. For a while.  I strolled around the halls & whined for   solid food. Then the consequences of the previous day’s “activities” started to show themselves. I hurt. Boy did I hurt. Oh, my belly was just fine. It was almost every other part of my body; interesting what a workout violent retching is! (Hey, this blog is rated PG, folks…) There was nothing but time to make that better.

Bad night’s sleep. I didn’t realize I was being dogged by another migraine until that morning. Had to go through the same thing again, except this time I got the medication just in time to head off the puking part. Tragedy is the meds work in about 5 minutes but I had to wait for an hour to get them! I, however, knew better than to complain to those who could make the rest of my short stay miserable…. By  this time I was ready to get out of there before something else happened. Home! Home to my heating pads that actually work! Home to my comfy bed! Yes!

Hubby came & took me away. Forgot to bring me clean clothes. Brought his hideously uncomfortable car instead of my van.  Such is life in an ADHD household. Important thing – he came! (Could’a forgotten that too….) Got home in one piece – very very sore piece! Had to lift my legs out of the car with my arms. Yeah. That uncomfortable.

But it was all better when the pillows had been arrainged on the couch & my heating pads were in place. AHHH….

After a good night’s sleep & rest today, I’m thoroughly convinced that I will live. Get better even. Still working to catch up on my email & my Bonanzle booths. Nothing that can’t wait. I’ll attempt to go against my nature by resting & taking care of myself.

I plan my next post to be about all the indignities perpetrated on me by the medical system in just 3 short days. Not much new; I’ve been in the hospital so many times I know what to expect. Usually. Some things just come out of left field. So, next time (if I remember)…. ## Reasons not to go to the hospital unless you think you are in danger of life or limb. That’s what your insurance company wants to happen anyway….

Addendum: This sat for a few days because (oh wait, sit down!) I DID TOO MUCH on Tuesday. So it’s being finally posted today, 1 week post surgery. I’m still quite wrung out…..

I have managed to list a couple of great things in my Bonanzle booths, including this really hot pair of Fire-Engine Red Prada Mules!!!



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