Election Day 2008: Tears of Joy!


Doesn’t the title say it all? .…. ….. Yes We Can! A new day has Dawned!!

I got 2 out of 3 in the races I really cared about. Obama is #1…. Here’s an entry from another blog with lots of great Obama pics – most for sale! And there’s a set of photos from the Boston Globe in their section, The Big Picture that is one of the best photo essays I’ve ever seen – a great tribute to our new president-elect!!

I found a nest of swarming humor bees at politicalhumor.about.com and here are some of my favorites!

OK, so I got MY President (and your president and yours and yours and yours and…you get the idea!!)

And I got MY Senator Kay Hagan!! (more about her later)

But I didn’t get MY Governor!!

For some reason (laziness, stupidity?) NC voters tend to just bubble in “Straight Democratic Ticket” without a thought to the individuals running in each race.  Pat McCrory, the well-qualified but Republican candidate, was a victim of this disgusting habit.  Every major newspaper, professional organization and homeless mentally ill person had endorse Pat for Governor of North Carolina. Tells you something when the other candidate is a Dem straight out of the current administration’s pocket.  Voters were supposed to be sending a message to the NC State government similar to the national message.  Somehow, that didn’t penetrate the brains of the more thick-headed & slow denizens of our great state. Somehow, “That Woman” is now Governor of North Carolina. Why?  Why?  She’s stupid, she’s a liar, she’s incompetent, she’s same-old same-old, she’s Gov. Sleasley’s little girl clone who’s a member of his corrupt & self-destructiong administration , she owns stores that sell Confederate flags, etc etc etc…. Here’s a link to a satirical blog entry relating how nauseating she is…. (note: I do not endores anything else this blog writer might say – this one time, however, we agree!)

Well, that’s enough for today.  I’ll continue my rant about Madame Gov. for the next for years.

My next entry will be about how wonderful Ms. Hagen drpped a house (or a really big rock… on the Wicked Dole of the North (Carolina) or something….


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  1. ❤ I am right with you on the Governor thing. People didn’t do their research. Everyone I talked to voted for what’s-her-name because she was the Dem candidate…they had no idea she is against women being able to have any kind of abortion and a whole host of other things! I didn’t vote on any race I didn’t do research on first, and I went in with a sample ballot that already had my choices marked so I’d remember who I chose. Straight-party voters really piss me off…RARELY if ever is the entire ticket for your party the best representation of your interests as an individual.

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