Selling Votes and Christmas Presents. When will it end???


Time flew by and I didn’t even notice it had been an entire month since I’ve posted!!  My head has been spinning with all the “stuff” going on…personal, business, and – who could forget? – political!!

I just want to put my head down and scream “Leave me alone!!  I’ve already made up my mind!” Is there anyone in the country who hasn’t? Are there truly some “undecided” voters?  Hah! Seems to me the average voter just believes what they hear, then go vote for whoever sounds familiar. (See Nuri’s Blog for her wonderful rant on this subject..)

I went to our State Fair Sunday and stopped at the NC Dems booth.  Wanted an Obama sticker. Wanted a sticker for Kay Hagan (running for Senate against that dainty rich entitled Republican lady-dog Dole). Didn’t want one for the chicky running for Governor – she’s slimey with the tentacles of the current administration, who are all whores to special interests & incompetent to boot. So, I asked the nice man furiously handing out stickers if they had any of the ones I wanted. He just shook his head.  It was only the 3rd day of the Fair, and they’d run out of the 2 large cases of Obama stickers they’d started with on Friday. Ok, what about Kay? Again, all gone!  I took a “I’m a decider! Dems in ’08” sticker, and looked over on the table for what else I could score.  Then I saw it… a LARGE pile of Bev Purdue stickers just stacked up neatly. It speaks for itself, don’t it???

My Heavens!  I’m going to vote for a Republican??? for Governor???  Yeah!  When the Democrat choice is   !!!!


Got a tip from an OLA friend about a new site (well, new to me) for knitters and knitter wanna-be’s (that’d be me!).  It’s They have a section to talk about your on-line or otherwise business connected with yarn.  I was glad to be able to put in a plug for Dragonmum’s Hoard and all my little yarny things…. like the vintage yarn I still haven’t sold – remember that yarn?  Here, in case you don’t….

Here’s my Paton’s Highland wool and a knitting book straight out of the 60s!!Chuck likes the Red Heart Wool the best!!

Now I’m starting to list my Christmas goodies!  Santas for decoration, jewelry for gifts and fuzzy animals for the rugrats!

This Bisque Santa Figurine by Enesco is a 1985 collectible St Nicholas circa 1890 in the The Santa Claus Shoppe Series. The Ceramic Porcelain Figure is very detailed; he carries a Christmas tree & Toys for gifts.

This Colorful ceramic butterfly is a larger than life Ruby Z pin by one of the founders of the California Ceramic Jewelry Movement, Candace Loheed. It’s Hand-painted OOAK large butterfly pin measures 3 3/4″ X 2″. and is marked “Ruby Z”.

This Orange & Gold Christmas ornament snack plate by department 56 is useful & decorative. Dishwasher & Microwave safe. This Cheerful Holiday Plate measures: 7″ diameter; the gold handle sticks out 1¾”

I Have tons of Winnie the Pooh items including this wall plaque, Pooh with a Star figurine, and this dear Classic Pooh mug.

If you click on any of these images, you’ll go straight to the listings!!

Here are some of my other recent offerings.  I’ve listed a ton of designer ties; it’s been fun learning about the different designers. And more destash – fabrics fabrics fabrics!!

This is one of my coolest ties. It’s from the Tsitouras collection.  I really like this Halston tie with the great fall oak leaves. What can I say about the Oscar de la Renta tie? Retro!!

The fabric is just as good!  This heavy silky German fabric is so soft and flowing, it was hard for me to put it up for sale!!

I’m hoping things will pick up now the Christmas season coming up way too fast.  Did we skip Halloween already??


About dragonmum

Crazy life disease? Yeah. I'm in the process of downsizing the craziness. I'm concentrating on taking care of me & everything else that didn't get done while I was working outside the house. 3 kids (only one still at home), husband, father lives with me, dog, 2 evil 1/2 Siamese cats, turtle, many fish. Love vintage & Victorian jewelry, art glass, American art pottery, Asian textiles (from all of Asia), fabrics and fibers & meddling in other people's business as much as possible... Identify as lots of things - wife, mother, mental health professional, agenderish demi-hetero-romantic gray asexual, artist, good friend, blah blah blah... I'm sure there's something else, but my brain leaks on a regular basis and many things get sucked into our pet black hole. Oh yeah, we have the all ADHD 24/7 household...

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