Wasn’t this supposed to be my week off??!!??


Yeah, that’s right, this WAS supposed to be a week off… but I must “be off” to think that fate, karma, and the power of the vortex I live in would allow that to happen!!

Last week, I sarcastically commented on the odds of me actually getting some me time… The last time I tried to take off an entire week, my Mom got sick, and I spent most of the week keeping her out of the hospital.

And know what? Sunday night at 10:30, I was at the pharmacy Nice pharmacist! getting antibiotics. For Mom. At least we caught it sooner this time. Today, she’s much clearer – she hasn’t been talking about the blue fish in the aquarium Dorie??or the doll on the back of the chair…Neither of which exist any where except in her mind.

With all this swirling around, I’ve been dropping more balls than usual.

An example…    I sent this email this morning in response to an inquiry from another OnlineAuction seller:

M – I see what happened now – I went through and paid all the google checkout invoices, skipped yours because it was paypal (meaning to go back and pay it when I finished google) and then, of course, got distracted… Duh If I don’t pay within 3 days, something ain’t right! If I buy something from you again, and I haven’t paid or contacted you within 3 days after you send an invoice – please resend it!bug me!

The chaos in my house is absolutely overwhelming right now NOW! my mother has dementia and she’s sick (again), and my father is frustrated and deaf, and doesn’t realize he’s yelling at her and he has the TV is so loud LOUD!you can hear it in Nevada…and the kid’s meds have worn off by 6 pm, and he’s running around doing the Egyptian Funky Chicken funkOlympic Swimmer dance Dance!in front of the TV so Dad yells at him too…. A patient calls me calls me!and I can’t go outside to escape the noise because it’s raining so hard it’s roaring… so to hear her, I end up crouching behind the island in the kitchen Shark!to shut out the noise of Dad yelling at Mom because she’s not strong enough to stand up the way she needs to…(He’s not mean, just scared) …. And then my husband walks in and wants me to immediately drop everything and listen to what he’s done that day.Isn't this what I do at work??. (isn’t this what I do for a living??)… and this is all after I’ve been at work for until 8 pm…. Dinner? Huh? The Papa John’s Guy at the door again? Yech....So, for me, another dinner of Progresso soup (can’t do sodium in pizza – imagine the Goodyear Blimp with boobs!!)..Blimps Fly!!.We do have a wonderful home helper, Barbara(Fairy Godmother!) who’s here every night but she just takes the edge off!

And that was just last night!!! The OnlineAuction Wednesday Wave was the sanest part of my day yesterday!!!!!!
Anyhow, you’re paid!Yes!

Now I’m having a “hang out on the couch because the barometric pressure is doing the cha-cha” day. Although Fay is pretty far away, it’s causing the weather here to be unstable. The barometer in my head NOT LIKE IT!! (Hush, barometer, stop shouting – I have a headache!!)

We are lucky, though. My brother and his family live in St Augustine. They are currently getting pounded by the rainRainy and wind Windyon the northwest side of the storm. They haven’t had a direct hit of anything in the 20 years they’ve lived in FL. I’m sending lots of good thoughts and wishes their way – I just hope they evacuated instead of sitting and waiting.

This storm is another one of those signs – like I told my parents in 2005 when 3 storms sliced across the state right across their home – It’s a sign that either that God doesn’t like your landscaping or humans aren’t supposed to live in Florida!! (for them, I voted for the “not live in FL” option – they live with me now!) They were very very lucky they were in the right place that year – Not in Florida! I kept emailing Dad in the UK satellite photos of the monster storms moving in right (literally!) Rain Cloudover their house. At some point it began to sink in. I don’t think it was until they got home and found that the land had changed from green to blue (tarps).

All the chaos has also put a damper on my online listing. I did get a few items up. Most are yarn (yes!), most are vintage yarn!!

**Addendum: I’m no longer selling on OLA. please visit my Bonanzle storeDragonmum’s Vintage Valuables

The most exciting thing I’ve done this week is to list my 1st charity auction.

I found a Designs by Lucinda House Pin, and am auctioning it for our won buddhist meditation temple. We are raising funds for a dharma room expansion – which will provide more meditation space, and extra room to provide hospitality and shelter to those who need it.

Well, this time next week, I’ll be on my third day of more patients, and once again I will be dealing with


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