Lolz, Olympics Brain & some Yarnz….


Good morning! Rly! Shake off that fog!

I know you spent too much time last night watching the Olympics and not enough sleeping….

Too bad. I’m up. You should be too. WAKE UP!!!!

Is a great day for LOLz! an for Yarnz (or is it Yarnses?)

Nik insisted we look at his new LOLz over breakfast… not sure LOLz before coffee Caffeineis such a great thing… srsly!

Oh, and I found good smileys – Which I will continue to inflict on all you wonderful readers (YES! all 3 of you!!)!Kitty 7I’ve been having way too much fun with these for an almost-50 yo dragon. Every one needs toys; the smileys are my new toys!! (addendum 3/17/2012 – see my recent post “hotlinking is bad…” for why you are no longer subject to the blinking, moving, flashing horrors – well, not nearly as many, anyway.)

Anyway, back to LOLz…

(Trying to blog before Adderall is also a problem ….must. ..focus… on… coherent…. thoughts….Doofus )

So distractable, OH NOoooos! Have Olympics Brain!

That’s why I know YOU stayed up; everyone is staying up to watch those terrific swimmers. Gymnastics.

Beach Volleyball? Why in the world is Beach Volleyball and Olympic sport??? Wait, I forgot, the Olympic Committee is a bunch of guys. Like greased girls in swimsuits. Some must like greased boys in swimsuits…Mullet

Now I see – those were the CHEERLEADERS!

Here are the players:

And here are the WINNERS!!! USA!!!

We were up watching swimming – again – Hubby was a college swimmer; he’s taking a walk down memory lane (doesn’t that make us sound all old and cute??) Bleah. OK. Swimming is cool. That Chris guy is winning so many medals and breaking so many world records…could he be an alien fish mutant????

Nik had enough sense to stumble upstairs by 10:30. As adults, hubby and I reserve the right to make incredibly stupid choices all by ourselves. Who needs more than 6 hours of sleep anyway…..Bloodshot ?

Anyway, back to Lolz. I gave Nik permission to use the computer while I was at work yesterday. He was itching to get back to making LOLz.

He was miffed (isn’t that a cute word? Bleah.) that I had been spending all the time on the computer. on OLA. listing Stuff. on editing Photos. to list Stuff. on line. of my de-stash effort . of Yarns!!

It hurts me to even take pictures of all that yarn. (It burns usss…). I was just holding my Lana Grossa Brillo that I’d bought to crochet a sleeveless tank. It’s so soft and soft and soft…SOBCrying 2

So,  I took photos of the best of my yarns – my lovely vintage yarns, my Australian vintage yarns…I love Australian Wool Yarn! The crepe multiply yarns are my weakness and the bright blues and the purples and the….. You can tell I’m serious about de-stashing. Not only am I getting rid of my stash of vintage Patons Highland Wool in Bright Blue with confetti flecks, BUT I’m also getting rid of (I’m cringing here now…) PURPLE yarn!!!ShockedI know you’re just eaten up with curiosity to find out what treasures I’m…getting….rid…of…..

***(addendum 3/17/2012: Nope. Doing none of this. Ignore all the following:**Addendum: I’m no longer selling on OLA.please visit my Bonanzle store: Dragonmum’s Vintage Valuables.  Some Yarns went to Nuri) – but still see Dyetyarns on for wonderful yarn, wool, etc.

Oh, yeah – LOLz…

I did get a little off track there, Huh? Olympics brain still.

OK – LOLz…. Nik wanted me to to look at his new LOLz, so the first thing we did (after I checked my email and omail, of course) was go look at his new LOLz – He wanted me to upload his newest photos too…

Stick to LOLz woman!WhipOK. So, Here’re some beauties from Nik’s collection:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures
funny pictures     funny pictures (sic)
moar funny pictures
My latest LOLz are rather more topical….

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Gotta go, but more later!


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