Tonight I went yarn stash-digging!


Wow! I had no idea I had collected so much yarn!

For some insane reason, I decided to dig out yarn from the horror that is my sewing room. In the evening. Bad idea. DUH.

Must have been so tired I couldn’t think.

Got more tired by scrounging around over and under bolts of fabric and boxes of yarn.

De-stashing is a must – but I really shouldn’t have done it tonight. I am going to majorly regret this in the morning…. (Yes, I did!)

You know I’m serious about de-stashing when I get out purple and turquoise yarn to sell – and my vintage yarns….only some of them though.

Nobody’s getting my Lopi or cabled/crepe Australian yarn!

On the other hand, I realized I’ve got some great vintage yarn that I will never use – so I will put it up to auction so the yarnies  (like yarn harlot and other dedicated vintage yarn hunters) can fight over it!! (Addendum 3/17/2012: None of you found it… Nuri got some, I gave away almost every skien of synthetic that lurked in corners to the local women’s shelter, I still have some of the bestest vintage and I’m making stuff with the rest. You missed out on such loveliness. Now make big sad faces!)

I’ve got super Patons highland with flecks (along with a super vintage patons knitting leaflet from the 60s, and lovely Red Heart wool (back when they made real yarn…). Both are lovely turquoise. Those are the ones I have in significant amounts!

I’ve got bags, boxes and baskets, all waiting to be sorted.  All of it isn’t vintage. But there’s a lot of it.

Some is plain old New Zealand wool, Australian wool, some brand name fancies, almost all 100% wool or cotton. I will admit to one large skein of Red Heart Acrylic but I have no idea how that got in my stash!

Nik (remember Wonderboy?) started some of the sorting, but got “fatigued” after filling about 4 gallon zip-locks. He decided to raid the fridge for more food, and found some left-overs that he said he was “slavering over”. Couldn’t sort with hands and mouth full of chicken.

Sigh. I guess that leaves it to me for now.

But I’ll get to play with all that lovely yarn!!

Maybe I’ll take some pics tomorrow and give you a peek. Make you drool!!!Tongue Out 1

I’ll be putting it up for auction in my OLA House, Dragonmum’s Hoard, on OnlineAuction next week. Might even have some at fixed price. Never know, could be a snooze-loose situation!!

**Addendum: I’m no longer selling on OLA. please visit my Bonanzle Bonanza store Dragonmum’s Vintage Valuables. For yummy yarn, visit Dyetyarns on!


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