Olympic Meta Tag Analysis – A New Sport??


Today I’m trying a new sport – meta tag analysis!

I figure that with the Olympics starting this week, that I ought to try out for something!!

So, you ask, why am I concerned about meta tags? Dragonmum’s Hoard isn’t doing so well.

An esteemed colleague from OLA (Funky J Monky) pointed out the importance of getting search engines to find our OLA Stores – since we still don’t have direct feeds. Even then, we need to be tagged correctly to be ranked decently. Since I’m partially clueless (not totally – hush you, I am not!!)

Funky J Monky can be found at Funk & Junk Collectibles.

I’ve visited several of the free meta-tag analyzer sites. As a small on-line seller, I don’t have $ to pay site developers. Free is the right price.

I just want something that will point out my mistakes.  I can find other tools to tell me how to fix them!!

I’ll keep you posted on how they are working.

Here is a good basic tutorial on Key Word Optimization.  I cannot vouch for any of the links on the page, though.

Best Meta Tag Analyzers I’m finding:

I liked MetaTagMD. They actually take some time to go over your site – of course, they’d like you to subscribe to their service!

SEOTools has a keyword density analyzer, and WOOOHH! So many great tools! For Free! including a FireFox add-on for improved competitve reseach SEO fo Firefox

A different SEO (Searchengineoptimizing) gives a very comprehensive report. They do ask that you link to them. There’s a lot of it I don’t know what to do with – like reducing number of links – but I’ll figure it out if it seems to be useful.  I can understand the words “poor” and “terrible”, which, unfortunately, were used several times in my site analysis…. SEO Analysis of Dragonmum’s Hoard

Widexl – sends you to SEOCentro Meta Tag Analyzer : so far so OK. Slightly different approach than the others. It says my title relevancy to page content is excellent – that makes me a bit skeptical but the rest seems logical. Also wants your first born ($$$) for the rest of their services!

1 2 3 Submit Pro has a key word density analyzer, but their meta tag analyzer sucks.

To Avoid (Worth less than free!!):

TrafficZap – useless

xtvworld – leads to TrafficZap!

Submitshop – ”

brothersoft – shill site – one of those that just have buy dot com listings, etc

nternet-marketing-resources.co.uk – shill site for casinos!

Thisisouryear – couldn’t process my URL – kept dropping off the user id code.


Scrub the Web – well, it’s free, what do you expect? Very Limited feedback – probably not worth your time

**There are several DIY Meta Tag Generators.  They are a whole different post!

Update on OnlineAuction: **Addendum: I’m no longer selling on OLA.please visit my Bonanzle Bonanza store: Dragonmum’s Vintage Valuables .

Our Open House Sale wasn’t the success we expected, especially for Dragonmum’s Hoard. I still have lots of lovely cheap clothes, collectibles, bags, shoes, fabric, craft patterns, clothes patterns and counted cross stitch charts. Plus, I just listed some gorgeous designer upholstery fabric.

Today, Vintage Quilting magazines go up; I have magazine back issues from the early 1970s!!

I don’t think there was enough advertising exposure – we are novices at this, and even when the direct Google feeds go live, we’re still going to… hey, that’s where I started this post!!


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  1. hi,
    i just googled myself and found you are selling some fabric i designed. fyi: nobuko is my mother-in-law’s name. she collaborated with me on a co-ordinating fabric by writing her haiku poems on my paintings.
    where did you get the fabric?
    best, pam

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