Another No-Blog Day….


Tried to start an entry.

Got distracted by my Open House Sale Listings online (was an OLA event). Need to go and take care of them. Just submitted my first few Items to GoogleBase… From My Store:  Dragonmum’s Hoard!!!**

My next ventures will be vintage magazines: knitting, crochet, crafts and sewing patterns plus vintage yarn!!

Will keep you up dated.  Look at my store to see the latest loot…

**Addendum: I’m no longer selling on OLA. To see the wonderful Yarns & vintage magazines please visit my Bonanzle store:  Dragonmum’s Vintage Valuables

***As of 3/17/2012: Never mind. I was SO naive!! Have sold nothing on line for a couple years.  Bonanzle is now Bonanza. A shell of my store still exists. New stores will be coming eventually….


About dragonmum

Crazy life disease? Yeah. I'm in the process of downsizing the craziness. I'm concentrating on taking care of me & everything else that didn't get done while I was working outside the house. 3 kids (only one still at home), husband, father lives with me, dog, 2 evil 1/2 Siamese cats, turtle, many fish. Love vintage & Victorian jewelry, art glass, American art pottery, Asian textiles (from all of Asia), fabrics and fibers & meddling in other people's business as much as possible... Identify as lots of things - wife, mother, mental health professional, agenderish demi-hetero-romantic gray asexual, artist, good friend, blah blah blah... I'm sure there's something else, but my brain leaks on a regular basis and many things get sucked into our pet black hole. Oh yeah, we have the all ADHD 24/7 household...

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