LOLz need “mediafication”!


“Scary Mother”…that’s what Wonderboy calls me when he thinks I’m…

funny pictures

“Gosh! Stop calling me Wonderboy!”

…So what DO you want me to call you?

“Nik…or the intergalactic awesomafier.”

How is that better than “Wonderboy”?

“I made it up and it doesn’t make me sound like some washed-up DC Comics hero wearing underpants.”

OK. Fair enough. Nik it is.

“You can still call me Wonderboy if you want to….if you do it behind my back and if I don’t know about it.”

Anyway, he was calling me “Scary Mommy” because I used his neologism “mediafication“. Isn’t that a derivation of “to mediafy”?

New word. Definition: To bring [x] into the minds of the public through the conversion to another medium and/or placement in/on another medium. Related words: “multiple mediafication” – to convert to multiple media.

The purpose of mediafication is usually to make something famous or infamous by exposing it to larger portions of the population.

Thus, Nik believes his (our) LOLz need mediafication.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with LOLz (Funny captioned photos), Check out the LOLcats on:

We need to mediafy our LOLz so all you wonderful blog readers in interwebs land can click on them and vote for our “cheeseburgers”. You can also comment on them and paste/link them to your blogs etc. If you think these guys are funny, pass it on and vote for us!!!

Here we go!! Enjoy and vote….

The mediafication begins!!!

(Nik says “Vote for mine vote for mine vote for mine” Has taken medsin. Rhly.)

funny pictures

Dragonmum LOL, Nik Pic

funny pictures
Ever ting tase lik chiken. Has flavors.

funny pictures

Nik's first and best!!

funny pictures

Nik's most popular!!!



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