Skip today – Please!


Migraine. Won’t.  Go.  Away. Can we please skip today? I want to move on to tomorrow.

Will anyone let me?

Did it do me any good to cancel all my patients and stay home?

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!   That cell phone went off every time I drifted off. It’s a conspiracy!

The Excedrin Migraine kicked in after a couple hours. Caffeine. No sleep. Sh#$T. Awake and HA not quite gone. Grrrrr…. Usually they don’t drag on like this.

Chuck watches with amazement as I clean!

Chuck watches with amazement as I clean!

I really am concerned. Now will you feed me?

I really am concerned. Now will you feed me?

I guess I’ll do some “cleaning” (i.e. consolidating more of my clutter) Wow! There’s the top of the ironing board!

Haven’t seen that for months….

It’s really hot up here. What the??? The AC isn’t working??? Cr*(*7P.

Chuck’s been following me around like a dog. I think he knows something isn’t right (my mind, obviously!!)

Here’s Chuck…. Staring at me and showing cat concern!

He’s a good cat! Active word – cat.

Time to go downstairs where the AC is actually working.

Oh No! Dad has decided it’s time for Mom to walk and do her exercises. Good thing Annie’s here. Dad fusses less when someone else is around. I don’t count!

No quiet down here. Think Think… Maybe I can hide behind my computer screen.

What’s this the OLA chatters are discussing? They announced a new postcard campaign for the holidays, so need some ideas.

Things were getting really creative! Perhaps under the influence of very early egg nog,  one suggested using the song “Feels like the first time” … to hark back to the days when we first listed on that other place, and it was fun. I think she’s been sleep-deprived or something, too!!   OLA is supposed to be a family-friendly sort of place, right? I ran that lame idea past 3 20-somethings who snickered, and my 29 yo adoptee, who made retching noises. No, I don’t think that one’ll fly!!

Someone suggested an OLA Santa and OLA gifts under the tree – I like that one… and was mildly inspired.

So what did I spend the next hour or so doing? Listing items? Sleeping? Teaching Nik?

No, making up jingles! I came up with a Christmas one and a “non-denominational” holiday one, which I definitely like better.

Here they are:

“Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus

Right from OLA…

Jewelry and comics and all the gifts dear filling up his sleigh!

All the toys that Santa’s bringing
came from OLA

Christmas shopping will be a breeze

cause Santa’s got OLA !”

This one rips off “Auld Lang Syne”

Should you need gifts for holidays
and don’t know where to look

You’ll find them all on OLA
toys candy jewels and books

They’re all on OLA, my dear
on OLA

You’ll find that special gift you need
on Friendly OLA!

Don’t think anyone else cared, noticed or liked them. Sigh. Mope. Self-Pity.

Bunny has no fear!

Bunny has no fear!

Dad!  Stop those dogs from barking!! Too much noise for my brain. Migraine coming back.

That dumb little bunny who lives in the Salvia right beside the driveway  has no fear. Doesn’t care if we’re standing right there. Bunny believes it owns the yard. Nik shooed it away so Dad could get the dogs out without being dragged through the grass. Darn if the rabbit didn’t hop right back into the yard the minute the dogs were out of sight!

I was standing on the front porch. I could have been a tree for all that bunny cared!!

Oh, wait, it’s another severe weather front coming in!!

Thunderclouds approaching - Migraine approaching too!

Thunderclouds approaching - Migraine approaching too!

Can I just skip tonight?    Please? (Whine whine whine) Nooo………….

Barbara wants to know what to fix for supper. Nik wants me to look at all his new photos. Dad’s yelling at Mom not to feed the dogs. Again.

Bad head. Bad stomach. Imitrex is my friend!!!

Now I can eat supper without loosing my lunch.

Here’s another couple of that bunny.

Will curiosity kill the bunny?

Will curiosity kill the bunny?

I thought curiosity killed the cat but this bunny sure seems determined to find out what’s in our garage!!

Nah, it just found more to eat!

Nah, it just found more to eat!

Hope Chuck didn’t escape through the laundry room door;

he’d love some rabbit tartar!!

Photos all by Nikolas Wall. All rights reserved under the same CC license as all my other stuff!!!


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