Disorganization wins another day!


When I got up this morning, stiff and bleary eyed, I was running through my mental lists even before I finished that first cup of coffee. (that DH makes so wonderfully in the morning 😀 ) Morning meeting at 10, then back home to do several dozen things relating to moving my office.  Next, pack up all the goodies I’ve sold on line in the last few days.  If I’ve still got time, take Wonderboy to the Hillsborough Antiques Mall so he can root around in the collectibles.  List the 5 other lots of scrap fabric. Somewhere in there, eat lunch and dinner…  NOOOOO…. Too early to be running brain lists!!

Went to wake Wonderboy.  He was sound asleep drooling on his bed.     His Dad goes in and gives him his meds before he leaves for work.  Usually when I get to Nik about 8:30, he’s at least willing to crawl out of bed.  Not today.  Left-overs from a stomach bug we both had yesterday. OK, no trip to the Antique stores today!

Got to meeting almost on time!! (best I can do 😳 ).  Got home ready to tear into the rest of my list…then ‘blink” somehow my time got sucked into a black hole.  I know exactly where it went.  I sold several things on line over the weekend, and I needed to find 2 of them (that’s the step I forgot; needed to go before “pack up…”). I knew they could only be one of 3 places: in the mess in my  bedroom the mess in the craft room, or the mess in my sewing room! This was a serious problem….    I had a vague idea where one item was, but the other one…..????

Gronk not like mess!Gronk not like mess!!

So I approached the problem with my typical organized and orderly fashion…I ransacked every box in the craft room. 

Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to consolidate boxes of “inventory” – you know, stuff I buy because I like it, but really” mean to sell it”. You ask \"how messy could the craft room be?\"
Does that room look like I could do that in 10 or 15 minutes? 

Ha!  Hear thChuck not like mess either!e sound of time being sucked into that black hole??? Chuck does.

I managed to find the little ceramic sewing machine in the craft room. I also found all four of my trolls, the 4 pair of shoes I cleaned up to sell, 2 batches of jewelry that need photos, and a whole pile of the clothes for Steam Punk embellishment (and all the clock parts for embellishing them).  When I left the room, it was quite a bit more, hmm, organized isn’t really the word…the mess was a bit more compact, I’d say.

Still needed to find that ceramic basket of flowers!! OK, not in my bedroom.  I’m NOT showing you a picture of the bedroom!!

On to the sewing room.  Yesterday I’d made major progress in my de-stashing campaign, and I could actually see floor…This is a big deal in our house; one of my expectations is that we be able to see at least part of the floor in every room!!! 🙄 Luckily there were only 4 boxes of “inventory” there (actually, the whole room is “inventory” but that’s another post…).  At the bottom corner of the 4th box – there it was, a 1″ X 2″ little bit of ceramic.  Didn’t think I’d find it, Huh?

But now it’s 2:30!!! Didn’t I get home at 12?  Have I eaten lunch?  Have I even peed?  Geez!

So, I have 3 boxes to pack, a non-paying bidder to run down, a change of address form to get in the mail (for my office), supposed to call the Vietnam Vets to haul away some furniture, call the pharmacy to renew prescriptions….and wait!  I get phone calls from not 1, not 2, but 3 patients and the therapist I’m subleasing from. Do I get everything done?  Of course not. I gathered the addresses to mail the packages, packed up the fragile ones all comfy and safe, wrote everyone a personal note, addressed the packages, taped them up, filled out the change of address form…and it was 5 pm!  Post office closes at 4:30.  Antiques Mall closes at 5.

There went the rest of the time…..slurp!

Ate lunch and dinner.  Peed.  No listing today. Renew drugs tomorrow. Call VV tomorrow.  Get Dad to mail the packages. Tomorrow.

Today, disorganization 1 dragonmum 1/2.  I usually try for a tie game.  And this is when I’m taking my ADHD meds!!

Tomorrow is another day. I should hope so!
Tomorrow is another day. I should hope so!

Maybe tomorrow…


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